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Inspired by the likes of Bruce Lee and Muhammad Ali, Kru Zubair began combat sports at the early age of 5 years. After earning a 2nd degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do he discovered Muay Thai and was immediately fascinated by its simplicity, effectiveness and intense training regimen. He was also attracted to the culture of respect and sportsmanship that came with it.


Zubair began competing in full-contact Muay Thai in 1995 and has been an active competitor ever since, earning a reputation for his highly technical style and ring name “The Cobra”. To date, he has participated in a total of 44 amateur and professional Muay Thai and Boxing bouts, achieving the following titles and designations:

• 1997 IAMTF Ontario Middleweight Champion (Ontario)

• 2003 WMF Pro-Am World Championships Silver Medalist (Bangkok, Thailand)

• 2007 WMF North American Light-Heavyweight Champion (Ontario)

• 2008 CAMTAO Canadian Super-Middleweight Champion (Ontario)

• 2008 IKF World Classic Championship Winner (Orlando, Florida)

• “Contender Asia Season 2” Canadian Qualifier Tournament (Calgary, Alberta)

• World Muay Thai Federation Certified Muay Thai Referee & Judge (Thailand)

• Certified “Kru” instructor – (CAMTAO)

• Certified “Kru” instructor – (WAMTAC)


Before establishing Warrior Muay Thai, Zubair has coached students at several different schools including:

• Phady’s Muay Thai (Cambridge, Ontario)

• Backstreet Boxing Studio (Guelph, Ontario)

• Ultimate Martial Arts (Scarborough, Ontario)


As a Muay Thai coach, Zubair has trained several successful athletes including:

• Bilal Chawich who won the 2008 IKF World Classic Championships Heavyweight division

• Christopher Williams who won the TBS-SA World Classic Tournament Middleweight B and A-Class tournament

• Derrick Henriques who won the 2011 TBA-SA World Classic Light Weight A -Class division

• Amin Almelik who won the 2011 IKF World Classic Junior Light Weight division.


Alongside a successful Muay Thai career, Zubair is an English graduate of the University of Waterloo, a full-time Recruitment Consultant with The University Health Network and an advocate of humanitarian aid, who strives for success in all aspects of life.

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