Dear members and guests, we have moved to a brand new unit at 68 Railside Rd, Unit B!  Come join us at our new location. An updated schedule is available HERE.

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Welcome to Warrior Muay Thai, one of the best martial arts and fitness centres in Toronto. This is where character is created and strength is built. This is where you come to realize your full potential and reach your physical peak.

We offer exciting programs for kids and adults of all ages. With the diversity of programs we offer, you can:

♦   Learn the art of Muay Thai for getting  in shape, self defence,  or even to compete.
♦   Bring your kids to the Little Warrior classes and watch them excel in their confidence and discipline.
♦   Participate in the energetic CombatFit Bootcamp classes that are guaranteed to leave you sweating and looking forward to the next session for a great workout.
♦   Engage all your child’s senses during the MMA class to learn mixed martial arts techniques while getting in shape, get better coordinated, and learn self defence techniques that work.

With a schedule of classes and personal training sessions available to suit almost every member, we welcome you to our warrior muay thai family and invite you to try us out.

For more information on our classes or to try any of our classes for a week, contact us here, send us an email at [email protected], or call  us at 647-295-6143.


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